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July 6, 2011 § Leave a comment

Inspired by these babies… I made chocolate protein pancakes this morning. I just subbed some chocolate protein powder in for the vanilla used in the recipe. They came out a lovely chocolatey color as opposed to my first go at these* which were green (not that I’m complaining, I kind of liked it, and it inspired me to create Green Monster Pancakes which are on the way- weird pancake phase has officially commenced).

*clearly didn’t have my awesome new D3100 Nikon camera birthday surprise of love at this point

Don’t get me wrong I am embracing this pancake phase with open arms and the thought of my lil pro-cakes topped with PB and berries and cinnamon… sigh… swoon… is it breakfast yet? But if I don’t have oatmeal in the morning I miss it. The rational decision to make when I realized I was already missing my oats even before my last bite of pancake was prep some oats for lunch. Which is exactly what I did….

Let me reiterate how amazing life is with my new camera. No it’s seriously changed my life and really gives the blog a lil somethin somethin. I was thinking of ending my blog when I went off to law school (and when the severity of the stress kicks in maybe I will) but with this new camera I’m feeling the need to get this blog up and going strong.

These oats included oat bran, rolled oats, chia seeds, chocolate Sun Warrior, Amazing Grass powder, and almond milk topped with PB and a Goji cookie. Perfection.

Then I was spontaneously let off nanny duty early enough to hit the gym before rush hour hit (biggest pet peeve= working out in a busy, crowded gym… I avoid this as much as possible). I got in some chest and bicep work and ran a total of 4 miles (2 before the weight session and 2 after). This is not the order I did them in, I’m going as I remember:

Chest Press: 45lbs

Pec Fly: 35lbs

Incline Bench Sit Ups: Bodyweight

Bicep Cross Curl: 15lbs

Seated Bicep Curl: 15lbs

Push Ups (modified): Bodyweight

Incline Press: 10lbs

Jumping Jacks: 30 seconds

It was one of those real schweaty, hot mess workouts that make you feel so strong and so hawt. Stopping by Trader Joe’s on the way home with a MASSIVE sweat spot on my stomach (what an awkward place to sweat) was not so hawt, but I ran with it. Even the cashier commented on my kick butt workout :)

Time for So You Think You Can Dance on the DVR with some golden spoon, tea, and the big comfy couch.

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