WIAW, Round I

June 9, 2011 § 1 Comment

Look who is finally jumping on the WIAW bandwagon!

I woke up knowing it would be a looooooong day with about 3-4 hours more of baby watch than usual, making it around 12 hours of bottles, binkies, and diapers. But I was actually kind of excited. As my departure for law school on the east coast approaches, I really cherish the time I get with my little nephew (and sister…and brother in law). That being said, my sister and I were in complete agreement that it was a Starbucks kind of day.


1 grande soy sugar-free iced vanilla latte, please. This is my weakness, I like making my own coffee, but I just can’t turn down a Bux latte. So maybe it wasn’t the healthiest thing to pump into my body first thing in the morning, but it was delicious, energizing, and held me over until I could get the baby down and eat breakfast… which was amazing.

Another day of overnight oats… and I’m not complaining. So continues my love affair with oats.

As you can see in the top-right photo, someone’s (aka my little nephew’s) cute lil baby feet got in the picture.  He likes to sit in his booster seat on the table while I eat.  Lil guy already takes after his aunt and has a fascination with food. Sorry buddy, you can’t have these amazing overnight oats yet… even if they look kind of like baby food.

Same mixture as yesterday. If you missed it:

1/4 cup oats + 1/4 cup oat bran left overnight mixed with a 1 cup unsweetened vanilla almond milk and 1/2 a banana (blended up in the Magic Bullet). Topped with peanut butter obviously. Stirred in some cinnamon, sea salt, and Truvia this morning.  It can be tricky to get these proportions right and I had to play around with the salt to sugar ratio until it was perfect, but I got there. Delicious as expected.

I enjoyed it alongside a handful of blueberries (I ate most of them before I pictured this) and my daily dose of Caltrate (I recently switched from Viactiv which made me feel queasy- Vanilla Caltrate is an improvement).

Lunch was an attempt at this avocado, apple, pumpkin, hummus quesadilla with a few modifications. Instead of mozzarella cheese I used a combo of goat cheese and nooch (nutritional yeast) and I ate it in the form of a pizza instead of a quesadilla.  Instead of a brown tortilla I used Trader Joe’s Lavish Bread (a new try- pretty good).


It came out splendidly. I don’t know if I’d add the apple in again next time or maybe cook it longer so it was softer- the texture weirded me out a bit, but not enough to make me stop inhaling it.

A little snack on the side (the rest of the apple could not go to waste!)

More snackage came in the form of Chef Katelyn’s Homemade Larabars (in ball form). My love affair with dates has begun and there’s no turning back now. I knew this would happen.

These little balls changed my life…. literally. I got a warm fuzzy feeling in my tummy thinking that I can make these anytime and that there are 4 more in my fridge. A healthy indulgence that is seriously delicious…. suuuurrriously. Go make these now. And also start putting dates in everything.

Chased it with some of this:

“Appreciate yourself and honor your soul.” Great message, thank you Yogi tea, you are so wise.

I ate dinner before I could picture it because I had to shovel it in my mouth amidst a baby break down. It was delicious though. I had a broccoli appetizer followed by a BBQ “Chicken” Salad (TJ style) with chickpeas, beets, and a little balsamic vinegar and TJ’s Cilantro dressing. Chased it with a piece of pineapple.

Post gym I had 1/2 banana with protein frosting (Sun Warrior scoop with water) and vegan chocolate chips and some blueberries. Oh and a handful of Kashi.

WIDW {What I Did Wednesday}

  • Vacuumed and dusted the entire house …before 9am (This is quite the feat since my nephew is scared silly of the vacuum cleaner and wasn’t very excited I was on a cleaning spree. But we only had one real meltdown about it.)
  • Put the dates I bought to good use and made (a few) batches of date balls using these recipes:

Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough Protein Balls

Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough Katebars (in ball form)

Sensing a theme here? Saved some in the fridge for later today and froze the rest to enjoy for the week :) Happy camper.

  • Watched far too much Real Housewives reruns… but what else is a girl supposed to do while the little guy naps? I did some ab work while I watched… does that make it less trashy? No but really, this is my guilty pleasure, I’m not toooo ashamed of it.
  • Made some Eat- Clean Diet Stripped Leak- Potato Soup. I didn’t eat it today, saving the leftovers for tomorrow, but was in the mood to cook something up. This was pretty easy… deets to follow. The lil nephew “helped” me in the kitchen and we rocked out to Adele’s album while we cooked it up.
  • Played Words with Friends like whoa.  I have neglected it for 3 or 4 days now and the 9 games I currently have going were overwhelming.  I played at least 1 move in each of them if not more. I go through phases with this game- one day I’m addicted and can’t put it down (today) and other days it just seems like to much work and thinking and I give up.

*Happy Birthday Dad!!! Love you!!!!!!!


Now I’m calling it a night. Shredding it in the morning. I haven’t been able to shred lately because my shin was bothering me but I’m going to give it a go again tomorrow. We’ll see if I regret this….

Night bloggies :)


§ One Response to WIAW, Round I

  • Katie says:

    Im so glad you liked it! I am drinking tea now with vanilla in it! ha! I love it!!

    Love the WIAW eats, and your nephews feet thrown in there too! ha! so cute!!

    Happy Birthday to your dad as well!!!!

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