24 Hour Champagne Diet

June 7, 2011 § 1 Comment

My best friend’s birthday celebration was this weekend. Contrary to the title of this post, we did eat (a lot) more than just champagne… but I’m pretty sure champagne was involved in every meal. Yes even the 8am breakfast after hitting the town in Santa Monica… mimosas!! My friend and I are big fans of the bubbly and we sure made that known this weekend. Here are a few pics to recap the best weekend ever!!!

Out for drinks at the Fairmont Hotel and Lounge before bar- hopping

French 75

Champagne Brunch at the Sonoma Roof Top Wine Garden

various champagne cocktails, my favorite being the apricot puree

Getting silly Henna tattoos on Venice boardwalk

View from the top of the Erwin Hotel in Venice

I won’t recap in full detail, but it was a great weekend and I had an amazing time with my friend, Theresa. Birthday celebration success!!! But now my body needs a break from the boozin’ and is slowly but surely returning to the norm of oats, protein powder, and ellipticals.  Felt good to get a semi- decent workout in this morning after exhausting my body out this weekend.

Fashion Time….

As promised ages ago, here’s what I wore last weekend when I went out to a bar event with some friends:

My entire outfit minus the shoes came from Target.  Floral mini skirt, black tube top, sparkly headband… I dig it.  An inexpensive way to have a little fun with my outfit.  Not normally something I would wear, but I’m embracing the trends. If you got it, flaunt it.

Red lipstick is also something I would usually stay away from but as you can see I’ve embraced it as well the past few times I’ve gone out.  Bold touch.

It felt good to get back to some good eats today, you can assume oats and a green monster were involved today:

Chia Protein Oat Bran with rainbow sprinkles, vegan carob chips, cinnamon, and PB

Berry Green Monster with Kashi and vegan carob chips

I’m off to finish snacking on this mug of Kashi and actually get a real meal in my system.  Quinoa veggie overload is about to take place. Happy Monday!!! Hope you all didn’t have as much trouble getting back to reality as I did.

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