A Slow- Moving Morning

June 2, 2011 § 1 Comment

We survived Hump Day!! Tomorrow is Friday!! And then the weekend is here! This girl is more than ready for it.

Let’s recap last night’s feast: MASSIVE SALAD BEAST. In the mix? Spinach, broccoli, cauliflower (tons of it), a veggie patty, some hummus, some guac, tons of nooch, and balsamic vinegar. Delicious, filling, packed with nutrition… check, check, check.

This happened too…

But look, alongside that wine I stayed hydrated with a Crystal Light Peach Iced Tea which I also downed again this morning before enjoying this baby…

*insert tacky photo shoot here*

Gotta love homemade Bux vanilla iced coffees…. deliciousness. Sipping on this baby as I post this.

Breakfast today was beyond words amazing. Based off Katie‘s Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough Oatmeal:

Look at those voluminous oats… oh dear lord.  The oats were huge and decadent. Try her voluminous oat trick now! Here’s how I did it (only slightly different).

Last night I cooked 1/2 cup oats in 1 cup water for 4 minutes in the microwave. While it cooked I grilled up and mashed half a banana. After it was done I mixed the banana and some unsweetened vanilla almond milk into the mixture, put it in a jar, and let it chill out in the fridge overnight. This morning I blended it up in the Magic Bullet with a little more almond milk, a pinch of Truvia, and some carob chips until it reached the consistency I wanted… thick with chunks of chocolate throughout.  Then I transferred it to a bowl and topped it with rainbow sprinkles and a spoonful of peanut butter. Sweet Success! I enjoyed it alongside some fruit…okay a lot of fruit. I can’t get enough berries in the summer time.

I also can’t get enough grilled banana these days… becoming a lil obsessed with the flavor

on top of Ezekial cinnamon raisin bread with PB and some cinnamon

Let’s throw in some fashion today! Here’s what I’m wearing for nanny duty today (I usually don’t wear skirts since it’s hard to keep up with a little one and play all day in them, but I just got this at The Gap and wanted to test it out)

Not the best pic but it’ll do….

Skirt: The Gap

Tank: Banana Republic (my sister’s, I think it’s pretty old)

3/4 Sleeve Sweater: Target (I have it in purple too!)

Well, I’m off to go play with my nephew and do some blog browsing with my iced coffee before lunch.  Maybe we’ll make it out for a walk today.  Training this afternoon… workout post to come :)

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§ One Response to A Slow- Moving Morning

  • Katie says:

    Love the outfit! So cute!

    Your oats look yummy too! Putting sprinkles in oats is the best thing ever!

    Love that u saw a hello kitty gym bag! I want it!!


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